Monday, 29 October 2012

Royal Attire: Urban ballerina.

This new feature will pay homage to websites such as WIWT, You know the deal, blogs where people post their daily outfits and style tips. I do find myself visiting such sites on occasion, but mine will not be myself in my gear. That would not be very interesting for you, no. Instead I will post the outfits my little lady chooses for herself. Hoorah. If we are staying in I let her have complete free reign over her wardrobe, and choose whatever she so wishes to wear, I would not let her go out in public in it (King Kwak does, the shame) but I, if no one else, finds it really rather amusing, so from here on I will post the princess Kwak's daily fashion fixes, your in for a treat. And so your know, one section of her royal wardrobe houses her fancy dress box, this will feature highly.

Outfit synopsis:
Style: Urban ballerina.

Ballerina leotard (not ballet day)
Gap silver gillet (not going out)
Ballet wrap (just seen), knitted by my mum
M&S leopard print boots
H&M hello kitty sunglasses (not sunny)
Poundland jewellery
Claire's headband

Feel free to steel her style, she is going to be a fashion icon one day. 

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