Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sheringdale Charity Art Project Part 2.

So I have a little update to the postcard design I submitted last week. The husband arrived home on Friday with this brand spanking new, fully updated version of my illustration. Oh my days.

New wooden Postcard:

So here is the new postcard, made of very fine wood, with my drawing laser cut into the wood. I was quite happy with the original illustration but well this knocks the socks off that, as they say. Wow.

Original Postcard:

A little reminder.

Check out those leaves:

I hope the photos clearly show the depth and level of detail to the wood, the darker the tone the deeper the cut. 

Station details:

I am very  pleased, super pleased in fact. I would quite like one for myself actually.

The little ladies:

My daughters class have also been asked to submit their own postcards. We sat down with a few art books, and she was still insistent Van Gogh is her favourite, so this is her interpretation of her favourite painting, Sunflowers. 

Flowery details:

She has also decided she wants to be Van Gogh when she grows up.

As stated before this postcard, along with the original and my daughters will be up for bids on February 7-8th, at Southfields Gallery, details on the poster.


So what do you think of the new postcards, do you like them?

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sheringdale Charity Art Project 2014

So King Kwak and myself were asked to take part in a local art exhibition, run in conjunction with our daughters school. Lots of local artists and illustrators, alongside children from the school have each been sent a blank postcard to go wild upon, and all proceeds will go to the Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts. 

My Creation:

This is my postcard, I illustrated the local tube station (hopefully you gathered that), which is slap bang in front of the gallery in which this will be displayed. It is a very pretty station and there is a nice village feel around here. Next is the collage and oil creation King Kwak created. 

The misters:

The golden girl. A print of an oil painted background with newspaper collage animation. See anyone you recognise? He had a lot of fun making this, and has already started further collages.

The exhibition will be open from the 7-8th February at the Southfields Gallery, all details on the poster above, do pop along if you are local or happen to be passing.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Miniature Exhibition.

Hello and a Happy New year. King Kwak and myself currently have ourselves a mini Exhibition running until February, displaying a collection of work we have produced together as a joint Kwak collaboration. 'City Celebration' is the name of the collection and it is a growing series of illustrations portraying recognisable landmarks filled to the brim with celebration. Each locale is bursting with a mix of humour, fun, known faces and events, often alongside more controversial and political issues. An exploration of each areas brighter and sometimes darker sides. Look closely and see what you can spot?. The exhibition is held at a local food shop/ restaurant named Salt & Pepper, based at 177 Replingham Road in Southfields, Wandsworth, London (on the district line) and should you be in the hood do pop by as it really is a fantastic place, the food and drinks are all cooked on site by a lovely couple and its all rather lovely and delicious. There are lots of little crafty decoration/ play/ food bits for sale on site too, and they are absolutely brilliant with dogs and children... well worth a trip.



On the wall:
Upon the wall.

Window display:

A Southfields print is in the window, to hopefully entice all the locals in.

Unframed prints:

I whipped up a little print stand to hold all the unframed prints. It was a washing basket, who knew.

Badges and mirrors:

A selection of badges and mirrors with the Southfields illustration are available again for the locals. Southfields is the tube station for the Wimbledon tennis, All England lawn tennis and croquet club, hence why the packaging/ print colours are all based upon the tennis colours.

Salt & Pepper:

The shop/ restaurant.

First Sell:

Woop, woop.

And here are a few outtakes:

Lined up:

The night before.


Unframed prints, all packaged up nice and professional, with the Fulham print on top. Ideal for any Chelsea FC fans.


Extremely sophisticated mode of transport, with the cutest assistant in town in tow.

Setting up:

With a little help from my assistant.

The prints:

This is the collection of prints available. Please check them out in detail upon my website here, under the City Celebration tab. If anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact me on: queenkwak@hotmail.co.uk 

We are running a competition for the duration of the exhibition:

Alternatively feel free to leave your suggestion and email address in the comments below. Lots of luck.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.