Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Crafty Kwak's: Korean Mask craft photo-booth.

A spot of photo-booth action from last months Crafty Kwak's Korean Mask class. Check out the amazing masks the children designed, clever beans.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Crafty Kwak's: Summer Holiday Kites & Boats.

I have just set up a bright and sunny window display, on a bright and gloriously sunny morning over at Salt & Pepper, ready for the two classes this summer holiday. Well I did, once I had finished making the kite below. And once I had broken the news to the little lady that we were not off to the park to fly it first. No. Boo. The kite is a full size example of what we shall be creating in the Kite building workshop, a tissue paper and wool beauty. On the day there will be a plethora of materials for the kiddos to go freestyle kite building crazy, it is going to be a good one.


Window close up:

From the side:

And the other side, in case you missed a bit:

Here are the posters...



If you are local and would like to book your child(ren) in, please email: queenkwak@hotmail.co.uk spaces are going fast. And if anyone, local or otherwise would like to 'Like' and share the Crafty Kwak's Facebook page, I would be forever grateful. Here is the link to the page. Thank you ever so.
Right, so now to go start on the goodie bags, and then get out in that sunshine... Toodlepip.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Crafty Kwak's: Summer holiday Boat & Kite prep.

Ive been a bit slow on posting updates on Crafty Kwak's, there was a whole Korean mask day since the last mention. I will post those photos when I get a chance, but until then here are a few bits I have been making for the posters/ window displays for the two forthcoming classes this summer holiday at Salt & Pepper, Southfields. First up are photos for "The Great Southfields Boat Race". A class of boat design and build which will be followed by an actual boat race. Prizes to be won, its going to be lots of fun. Here are a selection of boats I have built:

Rainbow Bright:

Ahoy There:

Spotty Dotty:

And here are a few kites I whipped up for the Kite building workshop. The children will be designing, building and decorating themselves a full size kite to take home and fly.

Rainbow Kite:

Floral Beauty:

Fancy Ribbon:

All enquiries please email: queenkwak@hotmail.co.uk. Posters to follow shortly.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Illustration: Fire Engine invitations and print.

I was recently contacted by a local mum looking to commission a set of invitations for her sons fourth, fire engine, birthday party. He is a lucky boy, it sounds like an amazing party. So the brief was fire engine with a hint of superhero. Four year old dreams. This is what I created, based loosely on a superhero comic cover, with all the necessary info. The mum was happy, it was a fun job.

Wrapped up:

I do like to package all of our orders nicely. I have a big drawer filled with strings, beads, gems... etc. It is my little ladies heaven and I often find her sneaking up there to make things.


I threw in a set of matching envelopes.


After the invitations had been delivered, the mum then contacted me to turn the invite into a print for her little chaps bedroom. So with a little bit of jiggery, here is what I created, one signed A3 personalised framed print, which was again well received.

Brown paper packages:

Again I could not resist the pretty packaging.

So if you are on the look out for a set of personalised invitations, do give me a shout on: queenkwak@hotmail.co.uk all ideas/ themes welcome. There are a series of invites I have previous produced, all available to be fully personalised, just take a peek on the website here, under invitations and I more than happy to develop new ideas.

All artwork copyright of QueenKwak.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Play tent on Marie Claire Idees.

The play tent I made my little lady here, has this week been featured on the Marie Claire Idées website, yippee!! It is included in an article about tipi's and tents. If you fancy a read of the article then do Click here to take a peek, it is in french. Alternatively this is what it looks like, how exciting...

The text reads something like this: "To read in the shade, or stroll cool we love this teepee Eastern inspiration, which also finds its place in the living room. An embodiment of Queen Kwak".