Sunday, 28 October 2012

Illustration: Knitting mums day card.

This card was for my mum on mothers day. She is a bit nifty with a knitting needle and at the time I kept buying knitting patterns and books on ebay and sending them to her to knit my babies some funky wears. She was truly knitting up a storm for us, I was ever so thankful and this card pays homage to that.
She has since had enough of knitting (and my pattern sending) and is in knitting retirement. I have a little list waiting for when her knitting mojo returns... hurry up mum get it back soon.

My mum actually recently spent several weeks knitting lots and lots of teeny little cardigans and hats which she donated to the local hospital for the premature babies. It is quite hard to get premature baby clothes, so that was really such lovely thing of her to do.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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