Saturday, 13 October 2012

Royal Play: Potato printing fun.

Playtime Today:

Potato printing, it is not original but it is easy, inexpensive and fun. Yay. The babies had a great time and it kept us occupied for ages... yay again.

Potato stamps:

Cut carefully with a small kitchen knife and use mirror image if cutting letters.

Action shot:

And yes, that is a boiled egg in the middle of the picture, no idea why... I suspect the little chap was responsible.

Babies art:

My efforts drying:

On display:

Cost: Free if you have some mouldy old potatoes and the other bits. Very minimal if not.
Supplies: Potatoes, knife, paper, paint and a paint palette/ plate. Boiled egg optional.
Time taken: 10 minutes= prep. 1 hour += enjoyment. Cleaning= endless.

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