Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crafty Kwak's: Window display.

I set up the shop window display at salt & pepper this week, with a little help from my boy. Bunting, garlands, a nest of spring chicks with decorated eggs, surrounded by flying papier mache birds... lots of pretty Easter goodness. It was a lot of fun to set up and super fun to make out of all kinds of scrap papers.

Up close:

Lots of pretty colours. The golden bunny (I want the golden bunny) is a permanent feature at salt & pepper.

Easter chicks:

With my boy behind... Now when I say he helped me, that's a loose term and more like he ran/ scooted about like a crazy loon and made puzzles with John the manager.


The papier mache birds are all suspended on twine, they float and sway around in the breeze, looking like they are flying.


There are just a couple spaces remaining now for the April class, so should you be local or know anyone who is then please forward this poster on. Also I have now set up a crafty Kwak's facebook page, so if you have a facebook account, then pretty please, please click here and like us... Thanking you lots and lots and lots.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Crafty Kwak's: Facebook page and Easter bird fun.

Following the success of the first class, I have just this very morning launched a Facebook page for Crafty Kwak's, my child Art, Design and Craft class at Salt & Pepper, Southfields. Click here to go to the page (I believe this will only work if you are registered with Facebook). Pretty please do like the page and should there be any locals, please could you share. Thank you lots. 

April poster:

The next class is scheduled for the Easter holidays on Monday 7th April, and this month we shall be having ourselves some papier mache bird themed action. I have had A LOT of fun whipping up some birds for the window display. Here is a peek at the ones I have made so far, my development and progress is pretty clear. They are all made from bits and bobs found around the home, to promote the fact children can design their art out of absolutely anything.


A wonky little chap. Kraft paper, wrapping paper and food packaging.


A little better, made from some leftover rather pretty Floral wrapping paper.


Progress. Made from a Korean newspaper, wallpaper, foil and a magazine.


Getting there. Made of Korean newspaper and soup packaging for the yellow.

Umbrella Cockatoo:

Now your talking. Made from scraps of child craft paper rescued from the bin. Non smelly/ stained scraps. I am pretty pleased with this fella.

Now to crack on with some Easter chicks and to get the window display up. Again please like the new page here, and should anyone be local/ know of any local Wandsworthians, then please do share this page, spaces are available now. Thanking you lots.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Illustration: Southfields postcard print now on sale.

Following on from the last post about the exhibition I recently had work featured in, and this post about our work within the exhibition. Due to popular demand the coloured postcard I produced for the exhibition, featuring our local hood, is now available to buy. This is one more so for the locals, or any Southfields fans out there, should you know of any do pass this post on please. The framed Postcard is available signed, on matt heavyweight 167gsm paper, in a limited collection of 25. The frame is as seen above in a light wood measuring 263x203mm, actual print 170x120mm and is available for £25.

Close up:

A little reminder of the illustration, the watermark will be removed on the actual print. I am just finalising my Etsy shop (at long last, woop) but until then it is currently available to buy at Salt&Pepper, 177 Replingham Road, Southfields, London, SW18 5LY or alternatively do email me at ...hurry they are selling fast. So has anyone even heard of Southfields? I am currently working on similar prints of other areas, should anyone have any suggestions on where to add to the collection, please do send me an email. Commissions welcome. Toodlepip.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

Illustration: The charity postcard exhibition.

Here is the footage from the Sheringdale Charity Art Project postcard exhibition held at Southfields Gallery, Wandsworth on the 7/8th February. Admittedly more like footage of just our work which you read about in this post, and again admittedly this is a month late, but better late than never hey.

Check us out:
King Kwak's and my postcards right there in the middle, both of mine were displayed in the end, and check out the red dots, woop. I was told they sold very quickly (and not to ourselves I may add). I believe the colour version of mine was bought by the gallery owner and the wooden postcard by parents from my daughters class, unaware of the connection. I have no idea who got the Mr's card.

Other works:

Lots of lovely work, but sadly we got there a little bit too late and weren't able to buy the pieces we liked. Boo.

Receptions entrants:

Well some of, check out the talent. My daughters Sunflower card is just above the robot.

Red dot:

Well she had to have a red dot didn't she. Bought by us, now framed and currently awaiting hanging.

The artiste herself:

Looking very proud. She got to meet the local mayor too.

The big sellers:

And finally here is a rubbish shot of the exhibitions big sellers, the top by David Cameron and the bottom by Paul Weller. (I didn't take the photo at night, through the window, honest) The exhibition was a huge success and I believe made the Princes Foundation for Children and Arts a lot of money.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.