Monday, 29 October 2012

DIY Tutorial: Felt flag nursery bunting.

So I needed to cram some step by step tutorial making/ photography practise in and what better to work on, oh yes the ever popular bunting. Obviously I am setting my aims high here, but please bear with me, as whilst it may be simple/ obvious stuff, at least the colours I have chosen make for pretty pictures, so that is something to look forward to, everyone likes a rainbow. Plus it is made of felt and requires the most basic of sewing skills. Win win.

Step by step:

1. Draw and cut a flag template from card and 2. Collect together all supplies.

3. Draw around your template three times per colour, keeping each flag side by side to minimise waste, then 4. Cut out. Repeat this with all colours. You can add/ minus the amount of flags depending on the length you are making, I used 18 flags to 1.5m string.

5. After cutting the flags from all colours you are now ready to start. Cut your string, at the required length and 6. Start stitching through each flag. I tied a knot before the first flag, and each flag has four front stitches. I left a 3cm-ish gap between each flag and stuck to the rainbow colour sequence.

7. Tie a knot after the last stitch in the last flag, and by golly I think we are done. It is so light, this set have been hung with washi tape.

Casually hanging about:
And no that is not damp on the wall, it is a combination of the light and photography.

Buzz loves a bit of rainbow bunting:

Cost: Free as all previously owned, but for reference the felt was originally bought in squares at 30p each and the string was £1 from Tiger. Three flags used less than half a felt square.
Supplies: Felt in various colours, string, card, pen, scissors and embroidery needle.
Time taken: 1 hour, or half a baby nap time.

So hit me with it, any tips or advice on my tutorial technique would be welcome, but please try to be kind, I do promise to be a bit more creative next time. Also I am curious how many tutorials I will need to make before I get the new kids step by step song out of my head? New kids are King Kwak's favourite band by the way, but shhh I did not tell you that.

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