Sunday 28 October 2012

DIY Tutorial: Toy animal wall hooks.

During one session of obsessive blog perusing, I saw this link: Pack rack and instantly LOVE, LOVE, LOVED them, it became imperative that I made them. It took a little while to find the right animals, some too small, some too weak and whilst I am all for being cheap, the cheap animals weren't cutting it. (literally). So anyhow off to the early learning centre I trotted and picked up these beauties: Animals. I did wait until they had a promotion week going on and bought them very heavily discounted.

Dead wood.

The wood was from an old discarded pallet found on the street. We cut one end, sanded it, oiled it with mineral oil and then drilled 6 holes at even spaces.

Drill each animal.

We are missing the shots of the animals being cut, which is because we cheated and King Kwak got them cut at work on the band saw. However they are just plastic and could easily be sliced with a hand saw or jig saw, but please do so carefully.

Screw each animal into place.

Pop screws through each hole in the wood then simply twist each animal into place. We put a dot of no more nails on the back of each animal, to provide extra support.

Once all the animals were in place, we added four small silver brackets onto each corner with small screws, then attached it to the wall. Simples.

Casually hanging about.

Action shot:

So I would like to say I have some carefully chosen minimal wares dangling from the hooks, but I don't. And indeed as you can see above, they have in fact become the dumping ground of baby converse from days gone past. I have to put these shoes somewhere, they can't possibly be thrown away.

Cost: Animals, currently £12.50. All else, free or previously owned.
Supplies: 6x Animals, a long piece of wood, sand paper, mineral oil, no more nails, 14 screws (6x long for animals, 4x small for attaching brackets, 4x long for fixing to wall), 4 brackets. Drill and saw.
Time taken: We made this in instalments, but all in all I think about 3 hours max.

So any ideas what can be done with all the remaining animals, I have lots? and any better ideas for what I can do with all the old baby converse?

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