Saturday, 5 October 2013

Illustration: TDAC Great British Sunday Roast illustrated recipe.

So I could not help myself, I have knocked up another illustration for They Draw and Cook, such addictive stuff, I love their site. This time my recipe was for The Great British Sunday Roast Chicken, an illustration I have been working on for months and months, a lot of effort went into this but I am pleased. And good timing on my part as this week is no less than, drum roll... British Roast Dinner week. Fact. Now I have no idea if this is real or something created by a roast dinner associated brand, but I like it and I like that this drawing was done in time for that, not that they will ever see it. So anyhow here is my recipe, feel free to check it out on the They Draw and cook website here, and leave your comments.


This is the finished recipe, a laid dinner table, hopefully that part was clear.

To the left:

Super simple roast dinner instructions, I am quite proud of my swede drawing. The clothing suggestions are suitably English and obviously what we all wear for Sunday lunch.

And to the right:

The Roast dinner. I have been having a little play lately with hand lettering, I still need to work on it but so far am really loving it.

I hope you like this recipe illustration. So come on, tell me, what/ where is your favourite Roast? Happy roast dinner week one and all.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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