Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas Market.

Well hello there, it has been so long, sorry about that. I have been a very busy bee of late, work wise, non stop but absolutely loving it. I was commissioned to produce a book illustration, but alas I am not actually allowed to show it yet, boo... very exciting though. I also entered the AOI Serco prize illustration competition 2014, I worked super hard on my entry and am now awaiting for the judges to announce the top 50. I am not sure if I am allowed to show that so will hold back for now. So anyhow this is fun, lots of work I cannot show but what I can show, and what I have been working super incredibly crazy for is in exactly one week and one day and three hours from now, I shall be hosting my first ever Queen Kwak market stall!!!!!!! Yipeee.... exciting times. I am having so much fun, drawing and making stuff, admittedly I am running around in a slight panic at all times and have approximately a trillion ideas, but alas the time is ticking. Once the market is finished I hope to pop all the goodies up for sell upon my Etsy shop, which really is now coming very soon... Hoorah.
So here is a little snippet of what I will have on offer, to be fair these aren't my finest items, more a selection of what was already printed, I will update with the full set of goodies soon. So if you happen to be in the hood, or lost for things to do in London on the 29th then why not pop along and say hi. I have seen photos of the other stalls contents, WOW there are so many wondrous items for sale, so please do come along and do your Christmas shopping or come and stare at all the marvellous products in amazement. Please click here for  a facebook link to some of the other stalls delights on sale. By the way, I drew the poster above which is now canvasing the windows of a large chunk of Wandsworth, every time I spot it I do a little whoop and nudge random strangers and tell them I did that.

Personalised illustrated London street signs:

Any street you fancy, made to order.

Gift tags:

One design of a large selection.

Cupcake toppers:

Cupcake and Christmas cake toppers... a perfect touch for all the Christmas fairs and bake sells coming up.

We hope to see you there. Ho Ho Ho.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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