Sunday, 15 September 2013

Illustration: TDAC Seaweed rice illustrated recipe.

Here is a little something I have been working on over the summer holidays in honour of my little lady. A little illustrated recipe of the very first food she ate and what is still to this day her absolute most favourite food ever, Seaweed rice. I have sent it to the website They Draw and Cook, a brilliant site filled with lovely illustrated recipes (check it out, there is some amazing stuff). I hope they like it enough to add it to the site, fingers crossed on that, but here is the recipe illustration, a recipe I created myself, though I am not too sure if that is something to be too proud of, it is pretty easy plus a bit gloopy, but the little lady LOVES it.

Recipe Illustration:
The entire piece.

To the left:

So you can see it in a little more detail.

And to the right:

A bit more detail for you.


So this is what it really looks like. Serve gloopy, in a porridge like consistency. And its not just for the babies,  King Kwak has been known to often enjoy a bowl, though admittedly it is not really my cup of tea.

First sampling:

The little ladies first sampling of the wondrous stuff. She is just too cute in these two photos, it makes my heart ache. She is 6 months, we were on holiday in Jeju Island, a little island off of Korea, and the restaurant brought her a bowl. Having only had powdered rice/ porridge and fruit until that point, we figured why not and that was the beginning of her love. My recipe is my interpretation of what was served that day. No idea if it tasted similar, purely based on appearance only I'm afraid.

Nom nom:

Still going strong, here she is about a year ago properly devouring it. Look how overjoyed the doll behind her is, proper wooping and air punching... Go seaweed rice!!

I will keep you posted if it is included on the website.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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