Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Our life in quarantine.

Last week was a week of illness, two poorly children... nothing serious Thank goodness but illness none the less, which resulted in a week of quarantine at Kwak cottage. The week started with mothers day, we celebrated it on Sunday 10th March here in the UK, where I was spoilt with lots of lovely goodies. (Above,Thank you lots). But sadly illness struck during our mothers day meal out. Quite literally struck in the centre of the restaurant much to the shock of fellow diners (sorry) and the week got progressively worse from there. But hey ho, winter and babies this does happen. So when not sleeping and administering cuddles, the babies and myself had ourselves a lot of quarantine fun.

Crafty Kwak's:

Lots of painting, drawing, decorating, playing, playdoughing and hide and seek occurred. Simple stuff and nothing too strenuous.

Taking it easy:

And when the craftiness got too much, they took it easy and slept, lots and lots of naps. It would seem soup is the universal saviour of poorly people, yay for soup. Everyone is back in good health now and we have had three whole nights of sleep (hallelujah). Lets hope spring will finally spring soon and some hot weather heads our way and makes everyone more healthy and happy.

What activities do you do with poorly babies? And what is your favourite soup when poorly? Tomato soup all the way for these babies.

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