Sunday, 28 April 2013

Life: London Transport Moquette Cushions.

Last Friday King Kwak and myself had a very rare/ possible first day alone together and decided to go for a wander around London town. Now I have no photos of this as I forgot the camera and my phone had no battery but in brief we had a little mooch around Spitalfields Market, was lovely, though not enough second hand/ vintage/ junk stalls for my liking. We did stumble upon the shop Elemental  which was amazing, and we both found ourselves muttering if only we could win the lottery (possibly need to be in it to win it but details, schmetails). We next wandered around Covent Garden and found ourselves in the Transport Museum. Now this is a bit odd as my little chap, the choo choo fanatic was not with us but lucky really as they had some surprising things and we spent rather a while admiring their home items and found ourselves smitten with these two beauties.


Now I am not one to normally get excited by a cushion I admit plus they are a bit pricier than I would like, but my thinking is if the moquette fabric can withstand trillions of bums and who knows what else per year, then surely they are going to withstand my two little, rather prone to spillages babies for a good few years, or may I say possibly forever? Well lets hope. Plus they are prettily patterned and brightly coloured, win win.

Up close:

The blue moquette is from the Victoria Line, off the newer released trains and the orange check is from the district line 1978. The colours don't necessarily match our kitchen, where they now live, but the trains had meaning to us so that is what we went for, and I do rather like both. If you are looking for a hard wearing cushion, like myself and would like to purchase similar, then head over here. The rectangular one does not seem to be on the website, but there are a lot in the shop.


To finish the day we stopped by Chinatown for a spot of lunch and picked up a takeaway to take home for dinner... Crispy Pork, King Kwaks absolute most favourite Chinese food. He was a happy, happy boy.

So do you think these cushions are going to withstand the two babies? And to any other crispy pork fans out there... why oh why do local Chinese takeaways not sell it?

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