Saturday, 23 March 2013

Royal play: Indoor snow action.

It is snowing again. It is March and generally it is just not on. So whilst we brace ourselves for another day indoors, I will share with you some photos from the last snow. OK, I am being a bit dramatic, today's flurry is not even settling, but I want the sun and I am English and moaning about weather is what we do. So anyways we had thick, bouncy proper snow a few weeks back. Proper snow is good, (prior to March that is) but alas little chap who always gets poorly, was not in the remotest chance going out in it. I am not cruel I was thinking of his health, so what did we do? As you will have guessed we brought the snow into us. In the lovely warmth and comfort of our home, we are so clever. King Kwak collected the snow in two large noodle bowls, naturally, and we had some indoor snow action, it was great fun. First we made this little fella above, our ickle, mini snowman, he was about 12cm, and ever so cute, note the very cool hat, its all in the details. He is called Alice, everything my daughter names is called Alice. He has a carrot nose, peppercorn eyes and buttons and skewer arms.

Proud as punch:

So happy, but so devastated when he had vanished the next morning, just a mini hat left on the fire grate, boo.

Let me out there:

Not on your nelly. (As my Mum would say)

Indoor snow balls:

Next we set up a little indoor snowball target practice... that is the posh term for chucking snow at the wood burner with a plastic bag in front and it was not on obviously. They Loved that, particularly the little chap. Please excuse his clothing, particularly the fetching vest under hang, he likes undressing, and if he could he would be naked at all times, bless my little nudist.


And when the cat (little chap) was away (nap) the mouse (little lady) certainly did play. She LOVED it. And any time, any where she could drop you a snow angel.

He's behind you:

Those snowman sat outside staring in for a full week, it was sad watching them go.


And here is a little glimpse of spring, lets hope it makes an appearance soon.

So do you have any snowman photos you wish to share? particularly mini little ones and can anyone tell me if they have spotted spring? Anyone? Happy weekend.

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