Thursday, 7 March 2013

Royal Play: DIY Market.

Rainy day in London, that would make a change, so for today's stuck indoors fun we made ourselves a little DIY market stall. The idea was conceived after the little lady received a stunning shiny new basket full of miniature Bird's Eye food stuffs. AMAZING. Turkey dinner anyone? Particular special thanks have to go out to wise Aunty Jacky for that one. So within ten minutes we had gathered said basket, another basket of plastic fruit and vegetables (every child seems to own a bit of plastic food), some play cakes, bowls, a till with play money, some green fabric (leftover from the play tent) and I whipped up a sign and some labels.... bish bash bosh, market stall made. The costume consists of an apron I had previously made little lady and a hat donated by my dad, from Turkey, made from paper.

Five for a pound?

Cream card, pens and some lollipop sticks taped to the back, five minutes max.


Although she doesn't look it, the little lady had a lot of fun, she is just not too hot at having her photo taken at the moment. The little chap however was having none of it, not interested at all. Well except for coming over and knocking the food over the floor. I decided best not to photo that part.

Lots and lots of lovely colour.

Money, money, money.

We learnt about coins and buying items.


Then we got the scales out and she learnt how to weigh her produce. We made shopping lists and then had some tea and cakes and pretended to eat all our purchases, then I became the shopkeeper and little lady bought her shopping.

Not bad for a rainy days and ten minutes prep. So have you made a shop and what produce do you sell? and does anyone have any miniature food that beats this mini bird's Eye fair? Still amazing.

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