Thursday, 10 July 2014

Illustration: Fire Engine invitations and print.

I was recently contacted by a local mum looking to commission a set of invitations for her sons fourth, fire engine, birthday party. He is a lucky boy, it sounds like an amazing party. So the brief was fire engine with a hint of superhero. Four year old dreams. This is what I created, based loosely on a superhero comic cover, with all the necessary info. The mum was happy, it was a fun job.

Wrapped up:

I do like to package all of our orders nicely. I have a big drawer filled with strings, beads, gems... etc. It is my little ladies heaven and I often find her sneaking up there to make things.


I threw in a set of matching envelopes.


After the invitations had been delivered, the mum then contacted me to turn the invite into a print for her little chaps bedroom. So with a little bit of jiggery, here is what I created, one signed A3 personalised framed print, which was again well received.

Brown paper packages:

Again I could not resist the pretty packaging.

So if you are on the look out for a set of personalised invitations, do give me a shout on: all ideas/ themes welcome. There are a series of invites I have previous produced, all available to be fully personalised, just take a peek on the website here, under invitations and I more than happy to develop new ideas.

All artwork copyright of QueenKwak.

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