Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Crafty Kwak's: Summer holiday Boat & Kite prep.

Ive been a bit slow on posting updates on Crafty Kwak's, there was a whole Korean mask day since the last mention. I will post those photos when I get a chance, but until then here are a few bits I have been making for the posters/ window displays for the two forthcoming classes this summer holiday at Salt & Pepper, Southfields. First up are photos for "The Great Southfields Boat Race". A class of boat design and build which will be followed by an actual boat race. Prizes to be won, its going to be lots of fun. Here are a selection of boats I have built:

Rainbow Bright:

Ahoy There:

Spotty Dotty:

And here are a few kites I whipped up for the Kite building workshop. The children will be designing, building and decorating themselves a full size kite to take home and fly.

Rainbow Kite:

Floral Beauty:

Fancy Ribbon:

All enquiries please email: queenkwak@hotmail.co.uk. Posters to follow shortly.

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