Thursday, 19 June 2014

London scavenger Hunt, perfect for the kiddo's.

Well hello, its been a while hasn't it? Life has been KER-azy bananas. Life/ work/ life/ work and so on. I have a bundle of things I would like to share on here and rather than instantly bombarding you with lots of work efforts I thought I would share a little fun day we spent with the babies and their friends. Now this dates back to the Easter hols (I told you its been a while) but it was a fun day and hopefully by the end of this this I will have fathomed how to add a free download onto this, yes thats right free stuff, hoorah!!
So Easter, looking for something fun to do with the littlies, a friend and myself decided to take the little ones on a stroll around London to see some sights. We do in fact live in London, but to be fair we don't really ever (ok never) go and see such sights. So the night before our adventure I whipped up this little scavenger hunt, purely as I thought it might be fun and entertain them. I happened to have a pack of union jack pencils, like you do which was a nice touch, though probably I was the only one who appreciated such things. 

London baby:

I wont lie, this is a shoddy effort of a map. I earnt a living creating plans so I am actually disgusted with myself, but I figure its simple and should be easy to read, and I very well might have made it ever so slightly super quickly. Background map courtesy of Google maps.

So you can see the route we took, it was not that far, and fine for the two three year old's in the party (with buggies for back up) to manage. We began at embankment, headed to Downing street and so on. The entire route took us about 5 hours in total with a lunch break around the Strand. 

On your marks:

Get set, GO. Little lady very eager to start.

Downing Street:

The police guarding the gates were very friendly, chatted away, and posed for photos with the friends (my children were scared). We saw a few cars being searched and we ticked off a few treasures along the way. Happy children.

Horse Guards Parade:

With a stroke of luck we rocked up at the Horse Guards Parade just in time for the changing of the guard. Brilliant, the kiddos LOVED it. Loved the horses, loved the guards, they had a lot of fun.

Say cheeeessseee:

A few poses at the horse guards parade. The boy wasn't up for posing that day.


I LOVE this photo, bless them. My son is in blue on the right, and the love of his life/ apple of his eye is standing next to him, he is properly in love. Aged 3.

Trafalgar Square:

Stuck on Nelson.

On guard:

At the Stable yard guards.

Buckingham Palace:

Coo-eeee Queen.

Big Ben:

We passed Big Ben on the route back.


And this was my two's completed sheets, even the little one got into it and postboxes/ buses are forever more pointed out on your daily travels.

Free Stuff:

So this is the image you can download, it is at A4, and as you can see there are two hunts per sheet. To download please click here. Please DO NOT download to sell/ make profit from/ take credit for the artwork, this has been purely created as a fun activity by me Queen kwak. I appreciate  the free stuff isn't quite free gold but if it gives one family something to do this summer holidays then I shall be a happy bunny. Happy London hunting all, tell me how your adventures went if you do use the hunt.

All Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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