Thursday, 19 June 2014

illustration: The SketchyKwak Etsy shop has arrived.

I opened an Etsy shop, hoorah!! At long, long last, hoorah!! Ok I admit it, I did it a few months ago but have not had the time to promote it or do anything with it. Still unsure how to promote it, any ideas? But I listed a new item on Saturday, and within two hours I had made my first sell...yay!! I was super, duper excited. Etsy sent me an image of a champagne bottle, alas not a real bottle but it was lovely none the less. Hoorah!! So chin chin to more sells.

Sketchy Kwak:

The logo, sure to be changed. The shop is called Sketchy Kwak, as the work is produced by the Mr and myself.

Shop front:

So the SketchyKwak Etsy shop looks a little something like this, click here to go to the shop. Categories will be added but at the moment you will find all current City Celebration prints, a selection of limited edition prints and the vintage London street signs. I hope to add further work shortly.

And as this is a sort of launch, I will do a little promotion for the weekend... Buy any two full colour A3, signed City Celebration prints and get £10 off your order. Simply type the code: CELEBRATION10 at checkout. The code will expire on Sunday... happy shopping. And here is the shop link again, just in case you missed it, ha.

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