Friday, 14 March 2014

Illustration: The charity postcard exhibition.

Here is the footage from the Sheringdale Charity Art Project postcard exhibition held at Southfields Gallery, Wandsworth on the 7/8th February. Admittedly more like footage of just our work which you read about in this post, and again admittedly this is a month late, but better late than never hey.

Check us out:
King Kwak's and my postcards right there in the middle, both of mine were displayed in the end, and check out the red dots, woop. I was told they sold very quickly (and not to ourselves I may add). I believe the colour version of mine was bought by the gallery owner and the wooden postcard by parents from my daughters class, unaware of the connection. I have no idea who got the Mr's card.

Other works:

Lots of lovely work, but sadly we got there a little bit too late and weren't able to buy the pieces we liked. Boo.

Receptions entrants:

Well some of, check out the talent. My daughters Sunflower card is just above the robot.

Red dot:

Well she had to have a red dot didn't she. Bought by us, now framed and currently awaiting hanging.

The artiste herself:

Looking very proud. She got to meet the local mayor too.

The big sellers:

And finally here is a rubbish shot of the exhibitions big sellers, the top by David Cameron and the bottom by Paul Weller. (I didn't take the photo at night, through the window, honest) The exhibition was a huge success and I believe made the Princes Foundation for Children and Arts a lot of money.

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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