Thursday, 6 June 2013

Illustration: Personalised Ballerina Print.

Here is an illustration I originally drew for my daughter the ballerina. She takes ballet lessons, each week she returns and I ask her what she has learnt and each week it is the same thing... smiley feet. Very cute, but it has been a year and a half. So in a bid to encourage her ballerina ambition here is a little print I made for her bedroom, she loves it. Have I mentioned my frame obsession before? There are an awful lot of frames in our house, hundreds, and above is a mere snippet from one of the little ladies bedroom walls.

Casually hanging around:

On a side note I have been a little absent from here this past week as I have in fact been building my website. A proper website, I had a little informal lesson a week or so ago and now I am almost there. This print will be upon it and will be available to be fully personalised. I hope to add a link to my website very soon.

Personalised Print:

Last Christmas the little lady was in a ballet show, in a proper theatre on a real life stage and everything. She was so not happy about it when we first arrived, to be fair none of the under fours seemed to be best pleased, but the teachers told us she will soon love it, and sure enough she did. It was an amazing day for her and us, and here is a little photo of before she went on stage not looking too impressed. 

My daughter the ballerina:

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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