Saturday, 25 May 2013

Royal play: Child flower crown activity.

We have discovered the world of play dates. We LOVE it. (Well except the constant having to clean part, boo). The little lady is in pre-school and making lots and lots of lovely friends and we try to have them over, (individually... I am so not that brave) at least once a week.  I am quite enjoying coming up with new ways to entertain them, and thought I would feature here some of the activities we have done together. So last week little N came to play and we indulged ourselves in a spot of flower crown DIY action. An activity which ticked the flower, fairy, princess, crown and sticking boxes nicely, go me.

Felty flowery goodness:

So this took about ten minutes to get together, whilst the girls played barbie houses. I roughly measured their heads and cut two felt crown shape lengths to the approximate size. Then I took to a bag of felt offcuts and cut flower shapes out of various colours, circle flower centres from yellow felt and leaves from various green felt pieces. Some of the flowers and the semi circle bush type things, I had from the Easter jars that never were, (RIP), but the remaining flowers I cut free-stylee, whilst the girls played. 

Serving suggestion:

Place all ingredients upon a serving platter, accompanied by a side dish of fine gloopy PVA glue, and two paint brushes. Then serve.

Sticky Fingers:

The little friend has been cropped out, a shame as she is the cutest little girl, but probably best not to show her here. This activity kept them occupied for at least a whole fifteen minutes and they were very happy indeed. A further ten minutes were enjoyed picking the glue off of their fingers. Take note of the costume choices, Cinderella and Princess Holly. Costumes appear to be the first rule of play dates.

Stitch it:

The crowns were left to dry over night and once so, I quickly stitched them into a circle and there we are, two little flower crowns for two little flower fairy princesses. Dreams.


Pretty aren't they? I believe the girls were very proud of their efforts. The bottom one was my little ladies, the top her friends.

Casually hanging around:

Model pose:

Action shot. Exactly 23 photos were taken to get this one shot. Extremely worthwhile as how cool is my girl?

Disco dancer:

And on a side note, the little lady attended her first school disco last week. This was her disco outfit of choice. My dad asked if it was fancy dress. Charming, it was not. The little chap went too, looking very dapper in braces but not allowing me to take a photo. She is definitely getting better at this posing for photos business, and this is her current pose of choice, the growl. Fierce.

So does anyone have any play date activity recommendations? Come on, hit me with them, I am looking for lots!!

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  1. Little N thoroughly enjoyed this playdate! xx