Friday, 28 September 2012

DIY: Simple log pencil holder.

This may look very simple, and it is indeed nothing original. There are several tutorials on the Internet. But the making of this little baby gave me the ambition and confidence to start my merry making ways. I made this about a year ago, with the help of my dads tool supplies... and I LOVE it. Oh yes I do. We were building our bedroom/ studio extension (generally known as a bedroom with a desk) at the time and it suits the space perfectly. 

Cost: Free.
Supplies: A piece of branch/ log: mine is 17cm diameter x 9cm height, hand saw, drill with a 1cm wood drill bit, medium grit sand paper and mineral oil (2 coats but could probably do with another).
Time Taken: 2 hours. The duration of one baby morning nap, including set up and cleaning.

Do you have a project which began a new pastime for you? Share your stories, I would love to hear.

Inspiration c/o: Strawberry Chic

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