Saturday, 29 September 2012

DIY: Personalised nursery tote bag.

At the grand old age of 1 and 3/4, my lovely little chap has just started nursery, for which he needs a bag. I probably should have popped to the shops and bought one, but where is the fun in that. When you have lots of hooks with lots of bags, its good to have a bag that stands out so you can quickly grab it and run. Its never good having to rummage for your babies stuff surrounded by lots of screaming babies. No no no. So with this in mind, this is the bag I made my boy.

I would like to say I set myself a brief and happily skipped to the haberdashery with my shopping list. Alas I did not. I am cheap. Instead I rummaged in my big old bag of remnants and this is what I cobbled together. My sewing is not amazing, but I get by with my rough technique. I have no idea what the name of my stitching types are I'm afraid, lets just call it basic. Though on the handles I upped my game and used a looping edge type stitch (yes that's the technical term for such a stitch) which looks slightly more impressive. Go me.


Casually hanging about:
Little chap with his bag on the first day of nursery:
To determine the size, I drew around an old cotton shopping tote bag and I used the following supplies.

Cost: Not a bean.
Supplies: 50cm Camouflage cotton fabric, Faux leather in red, black and gold, Cotton in red, black and gold, Embroidery thread in green and red, Suitable needles, scissors and a pen.
Time taken: 5 hours(ish). Consisting of: 2x baby morning naps + 1 evening in front of the TV.

Have you made made a bag or had any ideas to make your belongings stand out from the crowd?

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