Monday, 18 May 2015

Crafty Kwak's: Half term, Koinobori fabric illustration class.

Crafty Kwak's craftiness this half term: Japanese Koinobori cotton wind sock creation class.
A fun filled fabric illustration & making activity, celebrating Japan's children's day.

We will be making this:

I fancied holding a drawing class this month, so as well as creating the Koinobori we will also be working on our illustration skills. YAY!!

But how??:

For those worried about their children's drawing skills, this is how we will go about it... We will be tracing over pre-drawn fish with a HUGE encouragement for the children to go freestyle and create their own fishy details for their own designs. Older children will be welcomed to draw their fishies from scratch all by themselves.

& It is BBIIGGG:

Oh yes, it's taller than my daughter... Perfect to take to the park & fly or leave to flutter in the garden.

& Here are a few pics from the window display...
Shop front:
Under the sea theme:
Close up:

The display also features a Father's day illustration promotion... more on that to follow.

Aerial shot:

The class will be held at Salt&Pepper Southfields, for children aged 3-10 years. Thursday 28th May. Spaces limited, book NOW to secure your child's place... 
I hope to see you there. n.x

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