Thursday, 11 September 2014

Illustration: Bespoke Magician, Superhero with a hint of Dragon party invitations.

Following the fire engine invitations which I produced, check them out over here, I have been contacted several times over by mums looking to commission sets of bespoke, personalised invitations. I am having so much fun working on these invitations and have worked on a wide range of subjects, this example being one of the stranger combinations: Magician, Superhero with a hint of Dragon... what a combination? amazing!!

Pretty package:

So if you are on the look out for a set of personalised invitations, do give me a shout on: any ideas/ themes welcome. I am more than happy to develop new ideas, however unusual. I also offer to personalise previously produced invitations, so if you fancied hosting your own Magician, superhero, dragon party I am the person to call, alternatively a selection of others are on the website here, under invitations. Take a peek to see if anything is suitable for your next party.
As well as Invitations I am also able to produce matching Thank you cards, personalised paper bags, cupcake toppers, named cake banners, embellished straws and personalised co ordinating framed prints of your invitation. Any further suggestions welcome.

All artwork copyright of QueenKwak.

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