Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sheringdale Charity Art Project Part 2.

So I have a little update to the postcard design I submitted last week. The husband arrived home on Friday with this brand spanking new, fully updated version of my illustration. Oh my days.

New wooden Postcard:

So here is the new postcard, made of very fine wood, with my drawing laser cut into the wood. I was quite happy with the original illustration but well this knocks the socks off that, as they say. Wow.

Original Postcard:

A little reminder.

Check out those leaves:

I hope the photos clearly show the depth and level of detail to the wood, the darker the tone the deeper the cut. 

Station details:

I am very  pleased, super pleased in fact. I would quite like one for myself actually.

The little ladies:

My daughters class have also been asked to submit their own postcards. We sat down with a few art books, and she was still insistent Van Gogh is her favourite, so this is her interpretation of her favourite painting, Sunflowers. 

Flowery details:

She has also decided she wants to be Van Gogh when she grows up.

As stated before this postcard, along with the original and my daughters will be up for bids on February 7-8th, at Southfields Gallery, details on the poster.


So what do you think of the new postcards, do you like them?

Artwork copyright of Queen Kwak.

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