Sunday, 13 January 2013

DIY: Pocahontas costume.

Last summer King Kwak's parents, niece and nephew came to stay. Whilst here our niece Didi, attended a weeks summer camp, mid way she brought home a letter stating the last day was a costume day. I asked her what she wished to go as, and 'pretty' was my brief. So after a frantic rifle through her suitcase followed by a manic run through the local shopping centre I came up with a Pocahontas costume. It cost £7 in total, which is cheaper than any costume I could have found in said shopping centre, plus she can wear the playsuit separately or the entire costume again on other occasions, which she did, even whilst we holidayed in Prague. And indeed I do LOVE a spot of costume making, oh yes I do.

Feather headdress:

The headdress was made incorporating the teal from the playsuit and from there I decided to go as colourful as I could, scraps permitting. This is a 7cm strip of tan faux leather, length the circumference of Didi's head. A piece of chunky wool was woven though and I fabric glued a piece of pompom trim. The flower is from an as yet unfinished project (which I keep stealing so is in fact NEVER going to be completed) and the feathers were drawn onto and cut from felt. The piece was sewn at the back with embroidery thread. The bangles and belt were from my wardrobe.


The cardigan was a ladies XS v-neck t-shirt, £1, cut up the centre, then fringed by cutting 1cm width even lengths, all the way around. The mustard beads were from a  broken necklace, which were knotted on at intermittent spaces. It took about 20 minutes and I made it up. King Kwak's mum was sat next to me when I made this and must have wondered what on earth I was doing cutting up a perfectly good t-shirt, but it was worth it. The corsage used another of the flowers, to which some scraps of wool, ribbon and pompom trim were sewn to the reverse.

Now you are probably wondering why there are medals? that will be because the night before costume day, one of the camp staff mentioned it was an Olympic themed costume day, OLYMPIC theme?? Forget to mention this before?? Nnnooooo. This was NOT stated in the letter. So after offering to whip up a more appropriate costume, Didi was quite insistent she wanted to wear my creation and a few medals were created. (Foil and glitter attached to some of the babies play medals). Didi was a trooper, every single child was wearing tracksuits or swimming costumes that day, everyone except her but she was so happy it did not matter, bless her.

Hey pretty lady:

Cost: Playsuit; £5 Primark, Cardigan: £1 Primark t-shirt, Dreamcatcher: £1 Primark. Everything else previously owned.
Supplies: Numerous scraps of ribbon, wool, pompom trim. Faux tan leather, felt, beads embroidery thread, fabric glue, needle and scissors.
Time taken: 1 hour max. 

So what do you think? Have you whipped up a costume in breakneck speed? Ever made a costume which turned out to be the wrong theme entirely? Tell me your stories, I would love to hear.

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